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COVID-19 AIBQ communication:

❌ Notice of September 11, 2020 ❌

The Association of Quebec Building Inspectors (AIBQ) would like to inform the public that as part of the gradual deconfinement initiated by the Government of Quebec, the revised inspection procedure of the AIBQ during a pandemic comes into force as of September 11, 2020. Only the buyer or his representative may accompany the inspector and at no time may more than four (4) people be simultaneously present in the housing unit, including the inspector. The AIBQ wishes to keep the protection of the public as its mission by adopting the industry's strictest inspection procedure during a pandemic.

Nevertheless, the social distancing of 2 meters and the CNESST standards for the work procedure of building inspectors in a pandemic period remain in place, until further notice.

Rest assured that we are taking all necessary measures to comply with health and safety guidelines. Mr. Richard Oliva, building inspector received training on inspections carried out during a pandemic period by Mr. Jean-Pierre Gauvin, MSc.A., CIH, ROH, EP, (R) ACRP of the Polytechnique de Montréal.

In order to comply with health and safety instructions during a pandemic, Mr. Richard Oliva will wear gloves and a mask during the inspection, the tools are disinfected before and after the inspection. Please bring your pen to sign the service agreement to avoid contamination. When inspecting, we have to stand 2 meters from each other. It is recommended to ventilate the building, about an hour before the inspection, either by operating the air exchanger and / or by making a draft in the building by opening two windows.


  • Also we need to confirm from the owners, if to their knowledge, the building has not been occupied during the last 6 days by a sick person who has been diagnosed as a carrier of Covid-19 or who has experienced symptoms likely to be linked to Covid-19?


  • In addition, we need you to confirm to us that you have not had symptoms or a diagnosis of Covid-19 for the last 6 days?

  • For our part, we also confirm to you that we have never had symptoms related to Covid-19, nor have received any diagnosis of Covid-19.

Our top priority is to ensure the health and safety of all our experts, but also of yours

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