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What we inspect and why

A property inspection involves visually examining the structural elements and systems of a home. This step is crucial for buyers because it reveals both visible and hidden defects. Whether it's minor repairs or major safety issues, an inspector's knowledge is invaluable.

Looking for an inspection expert? Choose us, your trusted Habitation Prestige team . We offer comprehensive home inspection services, ensuring you are well informed before making your investment decision.

  1. Interior, exterior, walls, windows and doors

  2. HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning)

  3. Basement, crawl space and structure

  4. Chimney

  5. Roof and attic

  6. Electric

  7. Plumbing

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Meet your inspector

Richard Oliva

Richard Oliva, member of the Order of Professional Technologists of Quebec (OTPQ), is a seasoned expert with more than 25 years of experience in the field of construction and renovation. With a degree in civil engineering, he is highly qualified to inspect your building and protect your investment. Richard is fluent in French, English and Italian, allowing fluid and personalized communication. An active member of the OTPQ and the Association of Construction and Housing Professionals of Quebec (APCHQ), he keeps his skills up to date through various training courses, including Novoclimat certification and certification from the International Association certified building inspectors (InterNACHI).

Richard Oliva


Team & Office

InterNACHI® CPI® Certified Professional Inspector

I am a certified InterNACHI® CPI® professional inspector and the leading building inspector in Montreal, QC and Toronto, ON. All InterNACHI CPI® Certified Professional Inspectors must pass an examination, adhere to strict standards of practice and code of ethics, and pursue continuing education to remain in good standing. I offer the best inspection services, specializing in residential, commercial and industrial inspections. Trust Habitation Prestige for complete property inspections and unmatched expertise as a trusted company.

Trained and Experienced

Our inspectors, CPI® Certified Professional Inspectors, trained by InterNACHI, the largest association of inspectors in the world, guarantee quality. Following strict ethics and education, they examine interiors, exteriors, foundations, HVAC, roofs, plumbing and much more. With InterNACHI® school accreditation, they are equipped to meet your needs.

Buying a property is a significant investment that deserves a thorough inspection. Our professional CPI® certified inspectors excel at discovering defects, ranging from minor to critical, thereby promoting safety and awareness. For the best building inspector, trust us. As local residential, commercial and industrial inspection experts, we guarantee top-notch service. Our certified home inspectors offer experience and professionalism for comprehensive home inspections in Montreal, QC and Toronto, ON.

Choose Habitation Prestige for a trusted home inspection. Our professional building inspection service, guarantees accuracy through experience. We provide a full property inspection, meticulously covering all aspects.

Are you looking for a certified building inspector? Your search ends here. Opt for the Inspection carried out by Richard Oliva for Habitation Prestige. We guarantee quality and accuracy, setting the standard among residential, commercial and industrial inspection companies.

Our professional CPI® certified inspectors provide meticulous evaluations, revealing apparent and hidden problems. Invest wisely; secure your future. Our inspection services offer unparalleled expertise and integrity in the inspection field.

About me

Additionally, he is proud to be certified by the Commercial Property Inspectors Association (CCPIA), demonstrating his commitment to excellence and specialization in commercial property inspection. Its expertise includes Law 16 on buildings in divided co-ownership, as well as specialized training in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and testing of air, humidity, radon and many others. With an impressive track record of over 1000 inspections in 4 years, Richard Oliva offers you a thorough and professional inspection, ranging from advanced air conditioning to sewer control techniques. Trust its expertise to guarantee the quality and safety of your property.

Richard Oliva

Inspector certifications

Certifications of Richard Oliva

Training certificate


We use cutting-edge technologies, adapted to your specific needs.



Compact and powerful, the Mavic Mini is the perfect inspection companion to facilitate the analysis of difficult-to-access roofs, with images of exceptional quality.


Thermography camera

The FLIR C5 thermography device detects problems faster and safer by addressing the source of problems, including electrical faults, hot fuses, air leaks, plumbing issues and humidity.

Our company offers you an inspection and analysis service for your property, carried out by qualified experts using appropriate technological tools such as:

  1. Electronic transit: taking levels and elevations in the field.

  2. Rangefinder: To take precise measurements of areas of your home.

  3. Inspection camera: this device has the advantage of observing inside closed partitions, without causing too much damage during an assessment, to determine their nature.

  4. Electrical voltage reader: used to check the electrical voltages of electrical outlets.

  5. Infrared Camera: Quickly identifies potential electrical, mechanical, construction issues and heat loss.

  6. Humidity detector: knowing if the building in question has excess humidity or water in the partitions is essential in the acquisition of your future home and it is with this device that we will be able to establish the humidity level acceptable according to current standards.

We educate our customers

The Habitation Prestige inspection guarantees the efficiency of home functions, energy savings and well-being. As the best building inspector in Montreal, QC, we offer comprehensive services with certified inspectors. Choose us for the best residential inspection, combining structural assessment and concern for well-being. Your home, more than a structure, is your refuge; our comprehensive inspection of the property ensures that it is in good health.

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How it works

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How to maintain it

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How to save energy

Tips for homebuyers book

Free download

In collaboration with one of the best home inspectors, Habitation Prestige presents a valuable resource: our free, downloadable advice for the buyer's book. As local home inspection experts, we are committed to improving your real estate journey. Backed by the Best Home Inspection – your trusted partner. Download now for a smooth experience. (English version)

home maintenance book spanish
Now that you've had a home inspection book cover

The house maintenance booklet is included

With each complete inspection of the house, Habitation Prestige provides a house maintenance log. This book explains home features, maintenance tips, energy saving tips, and seasonal checklists. (English version)

What really matters during a home inspection? (English version)

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