Inspection of your home:


  • protect you from imperfections likely to decrease the value of your property and harm the safety and health of residents,

  • will save you from worsening of unknown issues over time,

  • will inform you of possible improvements, in the event of the sale,

  • will help you with recourse against contractors,

  • will allow you to make informed decisions.




Will protect you so that you can reverse the transaction if necessary. Will help you renegotiate the terms of the promise to purchase.




When selling your property, it is essential that you know the condition of your building. This allows you to establish a fair price and avoid lawsuits from the buyer. This type of inspection can speed up the sales process, since the buyer will not have to perform a pre-purchase inspection, although they may decide otherwise.




Detection of possible dangerous conditions, aggravated by climatic or other conditions. Make better planning for the maintenance of your property in the medium to long term.




If you plan to purchase a new property subject to the GCR warranty plan, the builder and the buyer are required to jointly conduct an inspection of the finished product. This inspection is of great importance. If imperfections are not noted at this time, the buyer has only three days to add them to the list of work to be corrected or completed, and only if he has not yet moved into the house or the condo. After this period, apparent defects which have not been identified will be excluded from warranty claims. The house will then be considered to have been seen and accepted as is.

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