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Our building expert, Mr. Richard Oliva is a graduate in civil engineering technology. He has over 25 years of experience in the field of construction and renovation. He is a member of the Order of Professional Technologists of Quebec (OTPQ), since 1998, Membership number "10111"

Also membere in good standing with InterNACHI  Québec AIIICQ.

Member number “NACHI22020754” 

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  • Protect you from imperfections that could decrease the value of your property and affect the safety and health of residents;

  • You will prevent unknown problems from worsening over time;

  • Inform you of possible improvements, in the event of the sale;

  • Help you with recourse against contractors; And

  • Will allow you to make informed decisions.​


Inspection services include

  • Attic inspection Attic insulation and ventilation Plumbing vent components The presence and components of the vapor barrier (when visible) The structural elements of the roof and its bracing as well as the conditions of the decking The foundation in general and its components Windows and doors (includes caulking) The exterior walls Fascias and soffits Gutters and downspouts The roof covering and its components (ex: flashing, etc.) Emergences of the roof and its flashings (ex: plumbing vent, Maximum ventilator) The earthwork Balconies, steps and balustrades

  • Indoor and outdoor plumbing (faucets, water heaters, components of distribution and evacuation ducts)

  • Catchment basin and/or retention pit

  • Electricity (distribution, bypass system, grounding inspection, etc.)

  • Structural elements of floors and ceilings (support beam and columns)

  • Interior finishing of walls, ceilings and floors Inspection of the continuation of the party wall from the basement to the attic as well as its component

  • Fan efficiency inspection (range hood, bathroom)

  • Inspection of interior doors

  • Inspection of security systems (e.g. fire detector, CO2)

  • Etc…

When your roof is high and its slopes very steep, with its complex slopes, the intervention of a drone is the fastest, safest and most economical solution for you. The drone has easier access to restricted and dangerous areas, this avoids the intervention of a nacelle and scaffolding. In addition, you will keep accurate images of your building.

Thermography identifies anomalies in air infiltration, the performance of insulation materials and special attention is paid to water infiltration.

Expertise in Hidden Defects:

The expertise consists of an in-depth inspection of one or more specific problems. This type of inspection sometimes requires a number of perforations, analyzes or destructive tests. ​ A latent defect expertise will allow you to determine if:

  • The damage is sudden or gradual and to establish whether the damage existed before the acquisition of the building by the new owners;

  • Confirm whether the situation was visible to the buyer or inspector before purchase;

  • Check the extent of the damage;

  • Assess the cost of repairing the damage;

  • Establish an updated depreciation percentage.

Click on the titles to see the models of inspection reports carried out by our expert technologist 

1 - Expert report template

2 - Expert report template

Building Condition Heritage Impact Inspection Report Template

Services for condominiums:

Habitation Prestige is a corporate member of the RGCQ (Grouping of Managers and Co-owners of Quebec), which promotes sound management and good governance in condominiums.

Corporate Members of RGCQ | RGCQ

Pre-purchase :


Our role is to inform you about the real state of the building, in order to fully understand the various components and mechanics of the building and to identify the deficiencies of the elements observed at the time of the inspection, as well as you propose the solutions. to be made to improve the condition of the building as a whole, according to very specific criteria and framed by rigorous standards of practice.

Click on the name that interests you to see our inspection report templates:

Pre-purchase multiplex report template

Pre-purchase Home Report Template

Pre-Purchase Condominium Report Template

Presale :


When selling your property, it is essential that you know the condition of your building well. This allows you to set a fair price and avoid buyer lawsuits. This type of inspection can speed up the sale process, since the buyer will not have to carry out a pre-purchase inspection, although he may decide otherwise.

Cliquer ICI pour voir notre modèle de rapport d'inspection prévente

Pre-reception :

The primary purpose of this inspection is to examine the systems and components of the building, in order to detect the work to be completed, apparent defects and poor workmanship, as well as major construction defects, while indicating to your contractor the elements to be corrected or to be completed.


In order to prepare you for the pre-acceptance inspection, here is an information link from the Garantie de Construction Résidentielle (GCR):


 L’inspection préréception - GCR (

Attention : GCR presents the eighth edition of its inspection program, once again focused on risk prevention and management, to encourage contractors to adopt best practices and improve construction quality. ​

This program complies with the objectives of the Inspection Policy, which aims to ensure the quality of constructions, prevent defects and poor workmanship and reduce potential complaints. By following section 68 of the Regulation respecting the guarantee plan for new residential buildings.

Click here to find out more

If you plan to buy a new property subject to the GCR warranty plan, the builder and the buyer are required to conduct a finished product inspection together. This inspection is of great importance. If imperfections are not noted at this time, the buyer has only three days to add them to the list of work to be corrected or completed, and only if he has not yet moved into the house or the apartment. After this period, apparent defects that have not been noted will be excluded from a warranty claim. The house will then be considered to have been seen and accepted as is.

Click HERE to view our triplex co-ownership pre-acceptance inspection report template

What are the Habitation Prestige inspection procedures?


We respond to your inspection request (pre-purchase, pre-sale, expertise in hidden defects, pre-acceptance of unit and/or common areas) by email or telephone, with all the details: type of inspection, price.




We send you an appointment confirmation email, including our certificate of insurance and the Standards of professional practice for the inspection of residential buildings.


Next, we'll add the appointment to Google Calendar.

Subsequently, the Invoice is sent with Quickbook, along with the Inspection Service Agreement for a primarily residential building with electronic signature EZ Sign.


Customer action: Provide us by email with the Seller's Declaration, the description sheet or other inspection reports, if applicable, and your electronic signature on the Service Agreement.




  • Inspection of the building (can vary between 2h30 to 4h30, depending on the area and the findings).

  • Verbal report of the inspector with the client.

  • Fill out the Certificate of execution of a building inspection (Client & Mr. Oliva) and give you the yellow copy.

  • Pay the invoice by INTERAC transfer, check or cash.

  • Thereafter, you will receive the invoice receipt by email with Quickbook.



Produce the inspection report in the Vesta program and send it to you by email in pdf format within an average of 4 working days.


For practical advice for your property and future requests for maintenance and repair advice, then inspection references.

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