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Véronique De Foy

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Having served for 17 years in the Canadian Armed Forces, in the field of human and financial resources management of National Defense, Véronique is an accomplished leader who knows how to trust, communicates transparently, sets clear objectives and cares the values of the company. She is also a philanthropist who responds to the present and future needs of the community. A dedicated personality and woman of action, results-oriented, while respecting current regulations, Véronique listens to your needs, to offer you the best solutions.

Languages spoken: French, English, Spanish.

Véronique De Foy Certificate of Service Canadian Armed Forces

Véronique De Foy - Certificate of Honorary Service


Véronique De Foy Entrepreneur Operation Program 2019 – The Prince Foundation in Canada/ Laval University

Véronique De Foy – Major Red Cross Donor

Certification of the Coaching and Mentoring Program - CIIQ

Certification of the Advanced Coaching and Mentoring Program - CIIQ

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Richard Oliva

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Mr. Richard Oliva, member of the Order of Professional Technologists of Quebec (OTPQ), with more than 25 years of experience in the field of construction and renovation, graduate in civil engineering and building technology is highly qualified to inspect your building and protect your investment.

Languages spoken: French, English, Italian.

Member of the Order of Professional Technologists of Quebec

Polytechnique Montréal certificate

DEC Civil engineering technology - Richard Oliva

Novoclimat certificate

Certificate for “Introduction to Law 16 – Buildings in Divided Co-Ownerships”

International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI)

Training certificate

Certificate of participation - Training - Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Training certificate - AIIICQ

Certification: 105 Commercial Inspections in 5 Years

Certification: Advanced Air Conditioning

Certification: Introduction to Sewer Scopes

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Romy Thomson

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Romy Thomson, holder of a residential real estate brokerage license, offers her 20 years of experience in customer service and administration, within the Habitation Prestige team.

A versatile, intelligent, go-getter and creative woman, not afraid to take on challenges, she is the true definition of a rare gem. Her ambitions, professionalism and endurance have allowed her to stand out in all the projects in which she has been involved!

Real estate, building architecture, buildings, redevelopment, interior decoration, these are all aspects that fascinate him deeply.


Spoken and written languages: English, French and Creole.

Professional study diploma - Legal Technician

University Certificate in Business Administration - U.Q.A.M

Certificate of college studies - Residential real estate broker (EEC.21)

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Iman Nedaee

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Iman Nedaee, holder of a Master's degree in architecture obtained abroad, has a wealth of experience of nearly 15 years within architectural firms. During this period, he collaborated closely on the design of contemporary projects in various sectors, developing in-depth expertise in assessing project needs, creating designs harmonious with the environment, producing detailed drawings, as well as the creation of 3D models, executed with speed and precision.

Furthermore, Iman recently participated in an AEC program in architecture and building construction, thus updating her knowledge of building codes, regulations and standards specific to the field of architecture in Quebec.

His ability to actively listen is a major asset in responding optimally to customer expectations, while his inexhaustible creativity constantly pushes him to push the limits of what is possible in his achievements.

Languages spoken: French, English and Persian.

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Nazita Leylian

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Nazita Leylian, holder of a Master's degree in architecture obtained abroad, can boast of more than 14 years of experience in the realization of various projects, covering residential, commercial and office areas. With in-depth knowledge of the many facets of architecture, she has demonstrated expertise in architectural design and techniques.

Her meticulous attention to detail and her innate sense of organization make her a professional recognized for her responsibility and friendliness within work teams.

Nazita also enriched her skills by participating in the AEC program in architecture and building construction in Montreal, which allowed her to deepen her understanding of specific building codes, regulations and standards in Quebec, thus elevating her expertise to a higher level .

With complete mastery of architectural software, Nazita plays a key role in the progress of projects and contributes significantly to client satisfaction thanks to her ability to take advantage of these specialized tools.

Languages spoken: French, English and Persian.

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Maryam Sheikhy

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Maryam Sheikhy is a seasoned architectural technician with over fifteen years of experience in the field of architectural project design. Her exceptional career is marked by diverse expertise, covering a wide range of projects, ranging from residential buildings to commercial and institutional structures.

Her passion for architecture translated into a deep understanding of design processes, from the development of general plans to the most minute details. Maryam excels in creating innovative and functional architectural solutions, taking into account the specific needs of each project.

Thanks to her mastery of Computer Aided Design (CADD) tools, Maryam is able to bring her ideas to life with remarkable precision, creating impeccable visual renderings and exhaustive technical plans. Her attention to detail and commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of his work.

In addition to her technical skills, Maryam Sheikhy has solid experience in architectural project management. She has demonstrated her ability to effectively coordinate the different phases of a project, from the initial design phase to completion on site. Her rigorous management of time and resources guarantees the successful delivery of projects, on time and on budget.

Languages spoken: French, English and Persian.

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Aaruthra Thirumal

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Aaruthra Thirumal holds a bachelor's degree in civil engineering obtained from Concordia University in December 2022, Aaruthra is currently a candidate for the engineering profession (CPI) at the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ), a certification which demonstrates its commitment to the highest professional standards.


Having been a project manager in the construction field for 1 year now, she implements and ensures the adequate completion of several large-scale construction projects. Her all-consuming ambition and deep belief in learning constantly fuel her quest for excellence, motivating her to seek stimulating challenges that will allow her to grow professionally.


Languages spoken: French, English, Tamil.

Candidate for the engineering profession (OIQ)

Bachelor of Civil Engineering

ASP card

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