Drones using advanced technologies, adapted to your particular needs.


Compact et puissant, le Mavic Mini est le compagnon d'inspection parfait pour faciliter l'analyse de toitures difficiles d'accès, avec des images de qualité exceptionnelle.


L'appareil de thermographie FLIR C5 détecte les problèmes plus rapidement,  en toute sécurité en allant à la source des problèmes, y compris les défauts électriques, les fusibles chauds, les fuites d'air, les problèmes de plomberie et l'humidité.

Our company offers a service of inspection and analysis of your property, performed by qualified experts with the use of appropriate technological tools such as:

  1. Electronic transit: taking levels and elevation on the ground.

  2. Rangefinder: for the precise measurement of the surfaces of your home.

  3. Inspection camera: this device gives the advantage to observe, inside the closed partitions, without doing too much damage during an assessment, to determine the nature of these.

  4. Electrical voltage reader: used to check the electrical voltages of the power outlets.

  5. Infrared camera: quickly identifies potential electrical, mechanical, construction and heat loss problems.

  6. Moisture detector: to know if the building concerned has excess moisture or water in the partitions it is essential in the acquisition of your future dwelling and it is with this apparatus that we can manage to establish the acceptable humidity according to the standards in force.


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For the precise measurement of the surfaces of your home.