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  • Addition of a carport

  • Adding a bachelor (studio) to your single-family home

  • Addition of an exterior/interior staircase

  • Adding a floor

  • Addition of a garage stick to the house or separately

  • Adding a dwelling

  • Addition of a flag Addition of a solarium

  • Addition of an indoor/outdoor swimming pool

  • Addition of a roof terrace

  • Installation of a bar in the basement

  • Development of a bakery

  • Development of a basement

  • Layout of a training room

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We take care of reconfiguring the divisions of your residential, multiplex or commercial property, in order to optimize the space! ​


Entrust us with your plans and concept of interior or exterior design, we are up to your expectations!

  • The first step for your renovation projects, before hiring a construction contractor, is to have plans and specifications, as well as city permits.

  • Our team of experts is specialized in meeting your needs, drawing up plans, calculating the budget and helping you with administrative procedures.

  • It is important to mention that most municipalities now require that plans be signed by a professional.

  • The technologist or architect will be able to take part in the project from start to finish and ensure compliance with plans and control the execution of work carried out by the general construction contractor.

  • In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

  • In addition, it is possible for the technologist to participate in various commercial or industrial projects depending on the type of building, while also respecting the rule of 3200 square feet or less, which also applies to this extent.

  • For more information, see sections 16 and 16.1 of the Architects Act .

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This service also includes:  


  • On-site measurement, design and decoration;

  • We perform the calculation of loads, which includes the movement of beams and columns and all structural changes within the property;

  • We carry out the drawing, which includes the preliminary plans and the final plan;

  • We produce a complete report at the end of the project mentioning the compliance work.

  • Errors and Omissions Insurance and Liability Insurance
    general corporate liability.

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