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An Expression of National Appreciation: Remembrance Day

November 11 has arrived, and it's the time when the world turns its eyes on veterans. Canadians observe this day, Remembrance Day, to recognize the military sacrifice of all those who defended the nation during the First World War.

Formerly known as Armistice Day, introduced in 1919 across most of the British Empire. It is an opportunity to celebrate the memory of those who died in military service, but also to honor those who served in wartime, our life heroes.

As of today, according to official statistics from the Quebec Veterans Foundation, there are more than 649,300 veterans in Canada and more than 120,000 of them live in Quebec. Among these, we would like to pay tribute to retired Master Seaman, Véronique De Foy, CD, founder and CEO of Habitation Prestige, veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces.

We are truly privileged to have as team leader, this experienced fighter, with a beautiful personality always motivating, courageous, hardworking, returned alive from the war, but in addition widow of a veteran war hero.

There are no words to convey our pride to Ms. De Foy, for having represented our human values ​​throughout the world, during 17 years of service in the Canadian Armed Forces for National Defense, in logistics. We want to heal all the wounds that still remain on her heart, however, she deserves our respect and support.

Today, she dedicates her daily life to serving others, assisting vulnerable people, showing empathy and comfort to people around her and providing security to people through her business. Prestige Habitation, it is important to him to put his leadership in ensuring the safety and well-being of homeowners, having as a mission the defense and protection of their real estate investment with his team of building consultants dedicated to their clients. .

Thank you very much to all veterans, it is thanks to your sacrifices that we can experience the peace, security, tranquility and freedom that we experience today.

Thank you very much MS (Ret'd) Véronique De Foy, CD, Canadian Armed Forces Veteran.

By: Norma De Marin

Resp. Communications

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