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Why us?

1.     We have a highly qualified team
Our expert construction inspector, Member of the Order of Professional Technologists of Quebec (OTPQ), Member of the International Association of Certified Real Estate Inspectors of Quebec (AIIICQ), with Professional Insurance in force. With more than 25 years of experience in the field of construction and renovation, he graduated in civil engineering and building technology.

2.     We use advanced technology
Our residential and multiplex inspection services and expertise in hidden defects are carried out with:
- The drone for the inspection of roofs that are difficult to access and inaccessible, it is the solution to have a better close-up aerial shot, during the inspection.
- The state-of-the-art FLIR C5 thermography device confirms the findings of the expert inspector, with confidence, by demonstrating water infiltration, air leaks, plumbing problems, electrical faults, fuses heat and the performance of insulation materials with supporting thermal photos.

3.     We have good references.
Our services are reliable and our loyalty is rewarded with good comments and referrals from our customers.

4.     The cost of inspection is competitive for the high level of services offered.
We accept all payment methods: cash, check, debit and credit. The cost of the inspection depends on the type of property (condo, house, multiplex), its size, age, etc. Also the type of inspection: expertise in hidden defects, pre-purchase, pre-sale, pre-acceptance of common areas, provident fund studies.

5.     You will benefit from the simplicity of communication
Our building expert has an ability to communicate and verbalize the technical aspects of buildings and takes it to heart to inform our customers of the overall condition of the building to inform and protect you.
The Inspection Service Agreement is emailed to you for your electronic signature with EZsign, along with the QuickBooks invoice, and a Google Calendar RVD emailed to you.

6.     The inspection report is detailed
The report is a written, complete and detailed report of the findings made by the inspector, accompanied by photos, with the help of the Vesta software, which is updated according to the building code.
The comments on the defects observed enlighten the customer on the quality of the building that interests him and help him to make an important decision concerning his investment.
In expertise inspections, the inspector can testify in court with his best knowledge of technical analyzes to clarify the judge in the resolution of technical problems.

7.     We remain at your disposal
Your comments give us the opportunity to always raise the bar, improve and diversify our services.
Our advice is the fruit of experience! We are at your disposal to answer your questions and it is important to us to protect your investment

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