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We use cutting-edge technologies, tailored to your specific needs.



Compact and powerful, the Mavic Mini is the perfect inspection companion to facilitate the analysis of hard-to-reach roofs, with images of exceptional quality.

Thermography camera

Flir c5 2.JPG

The FLIR C5 thermography machine detects problems faster, safely by going to the source of the problems, including electrical faults, hot fuses, air leaks, plumbing problems and humidity.

Our company offers you an inspection and analysis service for your property, carried out by qualified experts with the use of appropriate technological tools such as:

  1. Electronic transit: taking levels and elevation on the ground.

  2. Rangefinder: for taking precise measurements of the areas of your home.

  3. Inspection camera: this device gives the advantage of observing inside closed partitions, without causing too much damage during an expertise, to determine the nature of these.

  4. Electrical voltage reader: used to check the electrical voltages of outlets.

  5. Infrared Camera: Quickly identifies potential electrical, mechanical, construction and heat loss problems.

  6. Humidity detector: knowing if the building concerned has excess humidity or water in the partitions is essential in the acquisition of your future home and it is with this device that we can establish the humidity level acceptable according to the standards in force.

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