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Permit application

Whether it's to transform your home, for an addition of a floor, garage or apartment, for an extension and for anything related to changes in partitions, divisions and modifications of load-bearing walls, to your property, you will need a building permit.


It is for your safety and that of your neighbors that the municipality governs building permits, so that your renovations meet the minimum standards of the Building Code. In addition, the municipality could ensure the compliance of the work that will be carried out, depending on your zoning regulations.


​When your plans and specifications meet the conditions set by your municipality, a building permit is issued to you following the submission of your application. Plan for delays of up to 2 months, including adjustments and modifications to your plans, required according to their specific standards. ​


It will be important during the work to display this authorization in a prominent place on your site, because municipal inspectors can come by at any time to check that the work is being carried out in accordance with the plans that have been provided.

We suggest that you check the information on the links for your municipality, in order to facilitate your research and make your request online, when we give you your plans and specifications.

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